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If the study is theoretical, there is no sense in describing the methodology. After the litobzor and methodology, the basic begins your research (statistics, conclusions on it, the designation of problems), with general conclusions that it is revealed what problems are indicated. This should be done in theoretical works (for example, in works on the law what problems arise in judicial or investigative practice, in works on political science and international relations what problems exist and what they prove to be). Finally, do the part with your own suggestions for solving problems, and complete all the general conclusions on the study.

In a number of journals, the translation of the title and annotations into English or also into another language is also a requirement (for example, if you publish in Kazakhstan, also into Kazakh, in Ukraine into Ukrainian, in Germany into German, etc.). Often for this purpose simply Google-translator is used (especially if these translations are not particularly checked in the journal).

Remember: the article is better to write completely in your own words. A copy-paste is detected when checking for anti-plagiarism in the magazine itself. A technical increase in uniqueness will not work here. The rewriting may also fail articles are often checked for rewriting, and modern Antiplagiat systems allow it. Therefore, write in your own words, but beautifully, interestingly and without any clerical turns there, but also without “journalism” (otherwise you can only publish the article in Komsomolskaya Pravda or AIDS Info). The style should be scientific, but not copy-paste.

By publication. Most importantly, check whether the journal consists in HAC, RISC, Scopus (it may not be, and then, if confirmation is required at the university, there may be problems). Some magazines from these databases are periodically excluded because they publish nonsense, copy-paste and nonsense. Publication is paid. But this does not mean that your article will necessarily publish. Some journals take only very serious research, and the fact that undergraduates write, or even applicants for scientific degrees reject and send far. Do not meddle in such journals, if you are no longer a great scientist, or if you don’t have one in the co-authors. Take something simpler. Some universities themselves offer undergraduates to publish in their own journal ideal (then you may not get to the Internet, and use the article when writing a disserter without any accusations of “non-uniqueness” of the text.