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When searching for materials for a dissertation research, two problems can be encountered the chosen direction has already been trampled by thousands of other people, and here you can’t stop it everywhere there are already someone else’s research on this issue and a lot of materials for studying are available. Digging out a whole bunch of books can be problematic. Try to read the classics of economists they have a very heavy syllable in their books. Sometimes the sentences are formulated so wisely that you will not understand the author at once, what did he mean by that?

Another type of problem is the opposite when there is too little input data, too little literature and too little research in this area. I ran into the first kind of problem. There is a huge amount of materials in my dissertation. All this systematized and studied outright just will not work. On the other hand, and who is easy now? In general, to start writing a dissertation, you need to decide on the following concepts: While writing a dissertation, it is undesirable to write too much ad-lib. It is necessary to identify all key authors on the topic and study their opinions. And already in his work indicate that the author 1 says this, the author 2 says this, and I believe that the truth is somewhere in the middle. In case of using other people’s thoughts or their interpretation, it is necessary to indicate the reference to the source.

Thesis should not be too big. What I saw is about 150 pages. If we consider that in my stream diploma projects for some people have reached 1200 pages, then 150 pages do not seem like a large volume. At the same time, the content becomes more important and has a slightly different nature compared to the graduation project. If there are problems with the formulation of your thoughts, then it is possible to read the text on the tape recorder and then send this case to be translated into text using freelancers.

You can also use the help of proofreaders. This should not be a problem. Friends, if someone is interested in how to write a thesis, then look at the site garagebiz.ru. Here I will periodically write about how things are going with this matter for me. What are the difficulties and pitfalls and features of the process of protection. The difficulty of writing a dissertation lies in the fact that it is necessary to find the problem that is scientific and at the same time has not been studied and solved by anyone before you.