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Very often, while working on the text of his dissertation, the author may notice that his forces are gradually waning. For example, having started vigorously, it gradually reduces its daily norm. Most often, a long break may also occur over time. It is possible that one of the reasons for this phenomenon is precisely the formation of an unreasonable daily routine, part of which must be allocated to writing a dissertation. The conclusion suggests itself: before you write a thesis, you need to create your working day. Shaping your daily routine Many dissenters are often “owls.” This gives them, in their opinion, the full right not to begin work on a thesis right up to late evening.

However, deadlines have taught many of the following: when circumstances force us to work faster, then any owl can very quickly begin to sing with a lark. Try to go contrary to your principles at the time of writing your dissertation and go to bed at 8 or 9 pm, while you need to get up no later than four in the morning. It is advisable after you woke up to take a douche and cheer up breakfast. After that, you may wake up creative forces, which you did not even suspect.

This method will help you after rest at night to renew your strength and get a fresh mind to work. Thus, you can not only save your strength, but also your health. In the case when, for some reason,you will not be able to form such a working day for writing a Ph.D. thesis, we advise you to use another option of the mode of operation. After a working day, it is advisable to take 1-2 hours of sleep, then take a shower again and sit down to work. It should last about four or five hours. It is desirable the next day, at a free moment, in the afternoon, yet re-read your creation. In order to save your time and also strength, it is desirable to minimize contact with people, since even temporary detachment from fuss can become an indispensable condition for any work.

There is another way to write a PhD thesis at the fastest time. It is to reduce the time spent behind the TV. Modern television can very quickly distract the author from work and at least an hour and a half to take away his valuable time. Do not use the TV as a background, which can dilute the solitude in the room. It is best to turn on the calm music that can relax and inspire you to write your dissertation. Compliance with the sequence of presentation Before you write a dissertation, you must, first of all, present the most fully and clearly defined facts and ideas that will lead in your thesis.