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You have overcome a rather difficult path: you received an academic bachelor’s degree and were enrolled in the magistracy. The process of training in the magistracy is quite fascinating, especially if you plan to further connect yourself with scientific or teaching activities or go to graduate school. At the end of the study, the student must defend a master’s thesis this is a rather serious scientific work, after successfully defending which you will become a master in your specialty. The writing of this qualification topic should be approached quite seriously, since this is not just another term planner, which can easily be “concocted” within a few days or downloaded from the Internet. Therefore, for a high-quality thesis and, accordingly, successful defense, it is necessary to go through several stages from the selection and processing of materials to the design of the finished text.

At this stage, the undergraduate is determined with the formulation of the problem, chooses a specific topic that is currently relevant for society, the economy of the country, the enterprise, etc. Also at the preparatory stage the undergraduate correlates his desires and possibilities, defining the methods and techniques by which the research work will be carried out. The outcome of the preparatory stage is a work plan, which is drawn up for 2 or 2.5 years (depending on the form of training) and is approved at the meeting of the department. Thus, it is already clear that master’s work cannot be completed in a very short time, since all the stages of its preparation and writing are accompanied by documentation approved by your supervisor, department chair or dean of the faculty.

The main stage of preparing a master’s thesis covers all types of work with information: collection, processing, analysis, synthesis. Here, it is necessary to devote a sufficient amount of time to searching for the necessary literature, not only theoretical fundamental works, but also fairly recent (3–5 years) scientific works, which are published in various collections on materials of scientific and practical conferences. Actively tc. It is necessary to test the new product and describe the results of these studies and experiments. The last stage includes the formulation of conclusions, based on the tasks set at the beginning of the work. It is also necessary to assess the effectiveness of your research work: how much you have achieved your intended goal, answered all controversial issues, developed new solutions to your problem.